Nathaniel is the Owner and "C.E.O." of Game Warriors

He is a very friendly guy and will help people with any problems if it's something he can solve. He can help people with problems on YouTube and gaming related problems, and if you want to be friends with him but your shy, just say hello to him and you should become friends easily.

He loves gaming and making Youtube videos and has just hit 50 subscribers not long ago. He currently only records PC games (or handheld/console-games on the PC) not because he doesn't want to record other games but he doesn't have the right software e.g. capture card.

His channel focus is primarily Minecraft videos ranging from tutorials to different minecraft mini-games. But he also does other content on his channel such as: Happy Wheels, World of Warcraft and the occasional VLog.

He also has a music channel where he has started uploading different songs from games played on Synthesia

The channel can be found at:


The current series Nathaniel is doing are:

  • Minecraft Survival Games
  • World of Warcraft
  • Minecraft Minigames: Super Craft Bros.
  • Wolf Labs
  • Other Minecraft Minigames
  • Minecraft Tutorials

'​'The series below are either on Hiatus or discontinued

  • Pokemon Black 2 (Discountinued due to massive lagg and glitches)
  • Minecraft Survival (Discontinued due to world being deleted)
  • TF2: Mann vs Machine (Hiatus due to not having steam anymore)